Avon Roof Repair: Drip Edge Issues to Consider

We hope you are enjoying the winter season’s snowstorms as much as your Avon roof repair professionals are. However, we also hope that your home is prepared to withstand the amount of precipitation that pours from our magnificent Connecticut sky. Some parts of a home utilize gutters to direct the quantity of water that falls down the roof to specified places, whilst other areas use just a drip edge.

What exactly is a drip edge?

People look at a drip edge when they look at their roofs. This is where the shingles hang off and away from the house. It’s a little more complicated than just that. To create a drip edge, the shingles must be accompanied by metal flashing beneath them and matting between the shingles and your home’s exterior wall.

What’s the big deal about the drip edge?

According to the most recent statistics, the drip edge is the most commonly repaired area for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Wear and tear is an instant sort of deterioration caused by a single wet season or a storm, particularly if it includes hail.
  • When it comes to roofing, even the most durable shingles don’t always last more than 15 years in Connecticut because of the harsh weather conditions, notably wind and hail, that they are subjected to on a daily basis.
  • There are many reasons why people don’t have good insulation. This is an easy place to cut back on and save money. The drip edge must have the metal flashing as a foundation and must be 3/4″ away from the side wall’s edge, with the singles being 4″.

What happens when the drip edge fails to function properly?

Water can seep underneath the shingles around the perimeter of your home and into the walls if the drip edge is not functional. Attempting to pour fluids from one drinking glass to another is a typical example. Because the glass’s rounded edge prevents water from directly pouring into the other glass but instead drips down the glass’s edge. This is significant because water within your home’s walls can cause rot and mold to grow.

Most homeowners are entirely unaware that water is leaking into their walls, and by the time it is detected, extensive repairs are necessary. Now that you have water-damaged ceilings, it is a good opportunity to examine your drip edge during one of our regular downpours to ensure that water is flowing directly down the roof rather than slipping below the shingles like the pouring glass. It’s also a good idea to check your insurance policy because many don’t cover water damage that has been for a specified amount of time, even if you weren’t aware of it.

Avon Roof Repair of the Highest Quality

As you can see, there are various compelling reasons to replace a broken or improperly set drip edge as quickly as possible. Fortunately, with Magee Roofing, it is neither difficult nor overly expensive to do so. Call (860) 953-2200 now for additional information and to begin living in a healthy, leak-free environment right away!