Magee Specialties:

Magee is a full service, Total Home Remodeling & Property Management Group, committed to managing your entire home, both inside and out.

Let our expertise guide you to make your real estate investment work as hard as possible to return the largest potential profits once you are ready to sell it!

MAGEE has been family owned and operated since founded in 1972.

Concentrating only on what customers need; a straightforward fair value, and the highest quality product and service is the MAGEE bottom line.

Continual Staff Training:
All Magee Staff continually undergoes in-house quality assurance sessions, reinforcing application and installation techniques, technical bulletin updates, and continual re-certifications of manufacturer qualification programs.

Magee is relentlessly committed to providing the utmost professional relationship and results to each and every customer. Our management team also directly oversees all customer relations.

No Commission-Based Salespeople:
MAGEE's company structure and style does not employ any full time salespeople. All staff that alternates sales-shifts, integrally functions in a specific position (other than sales) within the company. Because of this, there are no high pressure pitches, or commission-based staff trying to up-sell customers unnecessarily just to make a sale.

Our goal on each and every sales meeting is to better educate the consumer and help them make the right decision.

Other key personnel also handle portions of sales, giving all customers an opportunity to get questions answered from a staff that actively deals with company-wide, daily operations and procedures. Each and every one of your questions will be answered from a prior, directly encountered field or product experience. There's no "salesman" bluff here. If we explain something can and will be done, that is exactly what will happen once our production crew begins the project!

Our comfort level will speak for itself about our company!

Trust and Integrity:
Whatever project lays ahead, rest assured, MAGEE has been providing excellence and unmatched customer service for each and every client project to date. We have served over 14,000 customers in Connecticut.

MAGEE is your full service, one-stop company, making our clients' remodeling experience how it should be; Easy, smooth, pleasant and satisfying.

How we approach the remodeling experience:
Communication, teamwork, and an on-site foreman on all projects, from beginning to end, are the keys to our success and your happiness. All projects are carefully planned, scheduled and financially managed in order to complete each one on time and on budget.

Our high standards of craftsmanship combined with reliability and integrity, yield a continuous list of satisfied clients. We encourage you to contact any of our past clients regarding their remodeling experience.

Total Control:
Magee has total control of all aspects of all projects. The company has even invested in its own fleet of waste hauling equipment, ensuring minimum intrusion to your property during the remodeling process. Magee's state-of-the-art equipment has been ensuring QUALITY & PROFESSIONALISM SINCE 1972!

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